Glass: the market center of gravity continues to decline, many places to limit power, production, downstream start load limited!

Summary of power limit and production limit information
Recently, the policy of “dual control of energy consumption” has been continuously upgraded, and power and production restrictions have been rolled out in many provinces.
Electricity rationing measures introduced in various places:

Ningxia: Energy-intensive enterprises suspended production for one month.
Sichuan: suspend non-essential production, lighting and office load.

Henan: Some processing enterprises cut power for more than three weeks.

Yunnan: Yunnan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the Notice on Resolutely Doing a Good job in The Related Work of Double Control of Energy Consumption, requiring the strengthening of production control in key industries, including ensuring that the monthly average output of green aluminum enterprises from September to December is not higher than that of August.

Qinghai: on August 20th, electrolytic aluminium enterprises received its part of qinghai province xining power brownouts warning notice, including that due to the upstream of the Yellow River water is low this year, output is insufficient for coal-fired power units, tight, power to be delivered to the outside xining power grid power imbalance between supply and demand, to remind enterprise orderly electricity prepare ahead of time, the specific power brownouts time and power rationing scheme has not yet been notified.

Xinjiang: On August 25, Changji Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang province issued a reminder letter on Strictly Controlling electrolytic Aluminum Production capacity and output, which clearly stated that from August, the total monthly output of electrolytic aluminum of the five enterprises in the region should not exceed 238,000 tons.
Guangxi: In addition to issuing notice documents on strengthening the work of electricity saving and the requirement of production limit from the power grid enterprises to the enterprises, the electrolytic aluminum enterprises in the region were also required to reduce the monthly electricity load by 35% in the whole period from January to June from September.
Inner Mongolia: From 2021, Inner Mongolia will no longer examine and approve polyvinyl chloride (PVC) new capacity projects, including coke (charcoal), calcium carbide, synthetic ammonia (urea), methanol, ethylene glycol, caustic soda, soda, ammonium phosphate, yellow phosphorus… No downstream conversion of polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, etc.
Chongqing: Some factories will suspend power supply in early August. The deadline is yet to be determined. September 26, the city implemented an orderly plan for electricity consumption.
Liaoning province: The province has implemented orderly power consumption on The 23rd, but there is still a power gap after orderly power consumption. According to the Regulation on Power grid Dispatching and Management, 14 cities in Liaoning will implement power rationing due to accidents.

Heilongjiang: Heilongjiang, Along with Liaoning, Jilin and Mengdong regions, started orderly electricity consumption on September 10.
Hebei: staggered peak production will be implemented in the market since 21st, all processing and production will be stopped from 8:00 to 20:00 every day, and the production can be resumed after 20:00. The electric power department will test the electricity consumption in real time. If the electricity consumption load is found to increase, the short electricity consumption will be pulled off and the domestic electricity consumption will be affected.

Jilin: Jilin Province issued an orange alert notice on orderly electricity consumption. Among them, the first warning period is revised to 5:30 to 24:00 on the 24th, the second warning period is 5:30 to 23:30 on the 25th, the third warning period is 6:15 to 7:00 on the 26th, and the fourth warning period is 17:00 to 17:30 on the 26th. In the four periods, jilin province’s allocation index is 1.42 million kW, 1.25 million KW, 180 million KW and 40 million kW respectively, among which Changchun’s allocation index is 534,300 kW, 446,600 kW, 62,500 kW and 14,700 kW respectively.

Anhui: In order to ensure the smooth operation of power grid and reliable supply of electricity, the plan for orderly electricity consumption in the province was launched on September 22.

Shanxi: In accordance with the spirit of the energy consumption double control meeting held by the Provincial Party Committee on September 24, all cities are invited to organize high-energy-consuming enterprises within their jurisdictions to make full use of shanxi spot market price signals and guide enterprises to actively implement demand response and avoid peak electricity consumption during evening peak hours.
Shandong: start power rationing measures. There is a power shortage of 100,000-200,000 kW in Rizhao, which mainly occurs between 15∶00 and 24∶00 and may last until the end of September. Enterprises are required to do a good job of orderly electricity work, to ensure the completion of load pressure limit indicators.

Jiangsu: some areas of the implementation of power rationing, the time is tentatively set for 15 days, September 15 from 0 o ‘clock, the city has unified arrangement of power supply departments to do a good job of power outage services. Notice to pull power: industrial pull off, living electricity retention, maintenance of electricity, security load. Unified maintenance for half a month, office air conditioning out of service, street lamp control by half. Jiangsu’s textile industry, steel, cement and other energy-intensive enterprises are also affected by the “double control” of energy consumption.

Tianjin: In accordance with the principle of “limited demand response and orderly power consumption guarantee”, the principle agrees to start demand response and orderly power consumption from September 23 to 30 according to the actual power gap.

Guangdong: high energy consumption enterprises, the request to limit power production. Some companies requested that they not start work until September 30. Guangzhou suspended electricity production from 8 a.m. to 22 p.m., leaving only 15 percent of the thermal insulation load, starting From September 18. From “open six stop one” to “open five stop two” to “open four stop three” and finally to “open one stop six”, some areas of Guangdong staggered peak power rationing seems to be upgrading.

Zhejiang: many places strictly control energy consumption, increase code to limit electricity production. Hangzhou organized a group of enterprises with high energy consumption and high pollution to arrange centralized maintenance from July to September, and the power limit was 20% of the first quarter.

Shaanxi: require the newly built “two high” projects not to put into production, this year has been put into production of new “two high” projects, on the basis of last month’s production limit 60%. Other “two high” enterprises have taken measures such as reducing production line load and shutting down mine hot furnace to limit production by 50% in September. Regulation time: From September 2021 to December 2021.
Guizhou: according to the province’s power gap scale bonus, orange, yellow, blue four levels of early warning. If different levels of warning occur, start corresponding levels of response. When there is a power supply gap in the province, it is necessary to start the implementation of orderly use of electricity, it shall be reported to the provincial people’s government for consent before implementation. Power grid enterprises shall arrange fault and peak-avoidance production of relevant enterprises according to the early-warning response level and orderly power consumption response enterprise sequence table, and combine with the actual situation.

Hunan: The power load will be controlled below 26 million kw to ensure the safe operation of the power grid and reliable power supply.

Areas where power rationing may be implemented:
Yitong Manchu Autonomous County (Jilin) : Due to the recent shortage of power coal in Jilin Province, the power supply of power plants in Jilin Province is insufficient, and the operation of the power grid is affected. In order to ensure the safe operation of power grid, the superior power dispatching department may issue power outage and power limit instruction at any time.

Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture (Jilin) : Affected by the power coal supply, in order to ensure the safety of the power grid, according to the unified deployment of the province, it may take irregular measures to pull the power supply.

Post time: Oct-11-2021