Something about Glass Water Bottles

What is the best material for water bottles?

Glass are the healthiest materials for a water bottle. Glass is chemical-free, natural, recyclable, and easy to clean. Glass is also non-permeable, so it won’t break down into the water, affecting taste and your health.

How often should you wash your water bottle?
You should clean a reusable water bottle after every use. Think of it as a plate, or cutlery. It needs to be cleaned after coming into contact with beverages.

For a daily clean, use hot water and soap. Take special care around the opening, as this has nooks and crannies where germs can collect. Then let it air dry completely.

Some reusable water bottles are dishwasher safe, but be sure to check. Putting a non-dishwasher safe bottle in the dishwasher can ruin its seal or damage it in other ways.

About once a week, you may want to deep clean your water bottle.

How to deep clean a reusable water bottle?
To deep clean a reusable bottle you can use vinegar for an eco-friendly solution. To clean with vinegar, fill the bottle halfway with equal parts water and vinegar. Secure the top, and shake well. Leave the bottle to soak overnight. The next morning, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Post time: Jun-23-2022