The best bottles for cosmetic serums

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, a cosmetic serum is “a substance designed to improve hair or skin and make it less dry”. Or, more specifically, a cosmetic serum is a lightweight, highly concentrated substance whose active ingredients are quickly absorbed into the deeper layers of hair or skin to rejuvenate and protect it. Regardless of whether they meet their requirements or how well they work, people will use serum to make them look and feel young and beautiful.

If you already run your own business and sell cosmetics or hair care and skincare products, serums are a great way to expand your product range. You can offer your clients an additional way to make their skin or hair smoother and younger. Serums are great for use with daily moisturizers, and they provide extra help for people who need extra help coping with dry, aging skin and hair. Once you’ve decided on the ingredients for your high-quality serum, you’ll want some quality packaging to match.

cosmetic jar

The best bottles for cosmetic serums

Dropper Glass Bottles

Glass dropper serum bottles are a trusted packaging choice widely used throughout the health and beauty industry. Our glass dropper bottles are made from quality coloured (non-sprayed) glass. In addition to being transparent and amber, they also offer rich shades of blue and green glass. They start small at 1 milliliters (perfect for samples) and can hold up to 100 milliliters. These multipurpose glass bottles are compatible with different caps, depending on how your product should be distributed.


Post time: Jun-13-2022